Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Obsession of the Day - Zara Dress

Hi everyone,

So whilst enjoying my new found freedom from uni I found myself on a little (or perhaps quite large) shopping trip yesterday. I walked into Zara and pretty much loved everything there. In particular this beauty caught my eye and I keep thinking about how much I wish I'd bought it...

Believe it or not this is a gorgeous dress. I love the combination of the sheer, casual, loose shirt top with the glitzy, fitted embellished skirt. I think this is the most unusual but beautiful dress which could actually be pretty versatile - I think this could be suitable for day and night. I'm in love and I really want to get it. If you love this as much as I do you can get yours here for a bargainous £29.99!

Hope you're having a lovely week and making the most of the gorgeous sunshine!

Frances x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Obsession of The Day: Asos Shirts

Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I last posted but the good news is that all my exams are over now and for me at least summer is officially here!! This means you can expect far more frequent updates from me on here as I will have a lot more time on my hands!! I am planning to post a 'Favourites' post in the next few days as there are loads of products I'm loving at the moment... just need to charge my camera but hopefully that will be along soon!

In the meantime thought I would talk about a general love of mine. Ever since I posted about the Asos Elephant print shirt a few months ago I have been addicted to Asos's gorgeous printed shirts. This is an addiction which Asos keeps feeding adding a new cute print every couple of weeks! So today I will show you my favourite prints which these shirts come in... all of which I very much want and need!!

Image 1 of ASOS Shirt With Raccoon Print

Raccoon Print Shirt - buy here

Image 1 of ASOS Shirt With Patisserie Print

Patisserie Print Shirt - buy here

Image 1 of ASOS Shirt With Owl Print

Owl Print Shirt - buy here

Image 3 of ASOS Shirt With Jukebox Print

Jukebox Print Shirt - buy here

Hope you enjoyed this and think these shirts are as cute as I do! They're each £35 but look really good quality and just add a bit of fun to your working or casual wardrobe!

Have a great few days,

Frances x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hi everyone,

I hate revision! For the last few days  I've had my head down but still don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. Today, I thought I'd take a quick break and have a look at what I might treat myself to when exams are over!

Image 4 of ASOS Printed Penguin Shorts

Image 3 of ASOS Printed Penguin Shorts

These gorgeous penguin print shorts are what has been missing from my spring/summer wardrobe. They are from and I just love not only the cute penguin print but also the colours with the nude pink contrasting with the red penguins! I think these would look amazing for a casual day with a t-shirt or a night out with a sheer chiffon blouse. Even better they are a bargain at only £25! Pick them up here!

Hope you're having a lovely week and if you're revising too good luck!

Frances x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Belated Asos Marketplace Pick of the Week

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't done a post like this in a little while. There are still so many fabulous finds on Asos Marketplace and the website is so fun to look through, it is a genuine treasure trove. Today I have a new boutique which I love to introduce you all to...


This stunning pastel midi dress is courtesy of the boutique Girl Stole Vintage who sell gorgeous vintage finds at really reasonable prices. This one is bang on trend for Spring/Summer featuring the baby pinks and mint pastel colours that are everywhere. I also love the horizontal stripes which I think give it a quirky edge. This is the perfect summer day dress when the weather finally co-operates. All that plus only £18. This dress is a size 10 and you can grab it here!

Frances x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hi everyone,

So I am loving so many new things in the shops at the moment and am on the lookout particularly for some beautiful heels. Whilst having a look on the Zara website I have fallen in love with most of their heels but in particular these...

These gorgeous shoes are in such a wearable pinky/nude colour that will look as perfect with pastel summer dresses as it would with a simple t-shirt, blazer and jeans combination. They look so classy and timeless but the metallic straps in a rosy gold tone give them a fashion edge.  They have a 10cm heel so don't seem too high or difficult to walk in. The best thing? They're only £29.99... I think they look so much more expensive.

If you love these as much as I do get yours here!

Frances x

Real Techniques Stippling Brush - Review

Hi everyone,

So as I mentioned in my previous post I picked up a Real Techniques Stippling Brush in Boots on Saturday. I have been wanting to try out the Real Techniques brushes since I knew that Boots were stocking them and some of my brushes have seen better days so I thought it was about time I treated myself.

The brushes, although more expensive than any I have previously bought are so much more affordable than MAC brushes but are amazing quality.

They are synthetic and therefore cruelty free and are so so soft on the skin. I bought the stippling brush for £11.99 and have tried using it with foundation and blush. Although I think it works fine for foundation I am interested now to buy the Buffing Brush as I have heard good things about the way this applies foundation. For blush the Stippling brush is amazing!
I would definitely recommend checking out the line for some affordable but good quality brushes which make applying makeup much more simple!

You can pick up this amazing brush in Boots stores or on Boots website here!

Frances x

Picture from

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hi everyone,

Hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend... I know I am. Tonight will be my 2nd night out of the weekend... I feel like an old woman I'm totally exhausted! Anyway here's my pick of the day for you...

So these absolutely beautiful shorts are from fashion favourite River Island. I think the detail, the colour and the material makes them THE summer shorts. I can just imagine these smartening up a white t-shirt or nude or white shirt for a smart/casual summer look with some pretty sandals. They are £40 but for the amount of work that has been put into them I think that's quite a good price. You can grab yours here.

Yesterday I very naughtily bought a few makeup bits including lots of nail polishes and a Real Techniques brush. Reviews are coming soon!

Frances x

Friday, 4 May 2012

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation - Rave Review

Hi everyone,

Good news is I have finally finished all my essays for uni and am now about to go home for 2 weeks to revise for exams and then I'm done! Yay!

So yesterday after having finished my essays I popped to Boots and treated myself to a new foundation. I had previously been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, which I really love - it gives perfect medium coverage and does make your skin look really awake. The only problem is my skin is going through a really oily stage at the moment, especially on my cheeks and the Rimmel foundation was making me look way too shiny and I hate powdering too much, I prefer a less obvious makeup look.

So I went to the Bourjois stand ready to pick up the Healthy Mix Foundation which I know from experience that I love and works well on my skin (I wore it in 30 degree heat on holiday last year and didn't suffer from oilyness). However, whilst at the stand I saw that there was an offer for the new 123 Perfect Foundation, which was £4 off making it only £6.99. When I read the claims of the foundation it said it offered an even complexion, lasting coverage and a matte finish, which I thought sounded perfect!

So I thought I would give it a try today and so far I must say I absolutely love it. There's no sign of shininess on my face even though I've been out, been packing and generally rushing about! It has stayed put perfectly and covered my oilyness but is really natural and doesn't have that obvious makeup look or feel. I am extremely impressed!

You can pick up the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation for the reduced price at Boots instore or on their website here!

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

I'll be back this weekend with some things I've been obsessing over! Have a great Friday!

Frances x