Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hi everyone,
Again I am so sorry for not being around on here... I have been struggling for a fair few days with a late winter/early spring horrible cold. I have generally been feeling sorry for myself and not even up to looking at clothes, shock horror. However, tonight I am soldiering on to let you know about my latest loves. Those are Forever 21 Blazers. If I was to narrow this down slightly I would say that I love the spring/summer appropriate colours they have got and I would like one of each please! Here are my favourites!


Each of these beautiful blazers are only £18.75. Surely that means I can have all of them? You can buy them all, in all their various colours here. I really do recommend Forever 21 for stylish but affordable jackets!

What are you all lusting after this week?

Frances x

Saturday, 25 February 2012

3 Obsessions of the Day

Hi everyone,

So I know that I have posted with lots of summery items that I want but I thought I would add a few more in and show you what kind of things I hope I will be wearing as the weather gets warmer! Hope this puts you in a summery mood!

First is this gorgeous dress from Love or It is so stunning. I love the aqua colour and also how although it is midi length it remains flattering with the sheer skirt. Also, although you can't see in this picture it has a cut out back which adds more glamour. An absolutely perfect summer dress. It's £45 and can be bought here


This dress is from the TRF section of Zara which I have a habit of forgetting to look at but I love it! It has one of my favourite trends with its dipped hem and the colours are gorgeous for summer. I think this would look gorgeous with a tan belt and sandals for a night out in a foreign country. It is £29.99 and can be bought here


Also from the TRF section of Zara is this gorgeous wrap effect floral patterned skirt. I think it would look amazing with a sheer white vest top and black sandals for a rock chick kind of look. I love it! It's £22.99 and you can get it here

So I hope you enjoyed today's post. I am looking forward to a night out with lots of lovely Mexican food tonight. Hope you are all having equally nice Saturdays!

Frances x

Friday, 24 February 2012

Obsession Of The Day

Hello everyone,

Sorry about not updating every day this week, I've been so busy but I'm back today with a new summer-inspired post!

The weather is warming up and I'm starting to think again about my summer wardrobe. This is literally the perfect holiday dress. I love the tiger print, the dip-dye effect and the asymmetric hemline... it's beautiful! I think it would look amazing with a tan and gold accessories and can imagine wearing it for a night walk across the beach. This beauty is from Bershka and is £29.99.

If you like it you can get yours here

Have you started planning your holiday wardrobes yet?

Frances x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Obsession Of The Day

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. The weekend was pretty hectic and then the internet connection has been less than perfect since I got back to uni!

In other news I have for weeks, months (perhaps even years now) been wanting a good watch. I don't wear a watch but I really want to start.

I have recently made a deal with myself. If I have the money by Easter I will buy myself one of these beauties

Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Watch

This is the Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph watch ( the watch of the moment). Throughout the blogging world everyone has this watch but I love it. I think Rose Gold is so pretty and could be mixed with silver which most of my daily jewellery (my Pandora bracelet and my Tiffany pendant) is. This will unfortunately set me back £199

However for those who like this boyfriend style of watch, do a much cheaper, yellow gold version...

ASOS Premium Gold Boyfriend Watch

This watch is still really expensive looking and does not look like it's worth its £35 price tag. For those of you not too bothered about the rose gold, or the Michael Kors name, this is a brilliant alternative.

The Michael Kors watch can be bought (amongst other places) here

The Asos watch can be bought here

What do you think? Which do you prefer?

Frances x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all as excited for the weekend as I am! I am going home to celebrate my best friend's 21st birthday this weekend and cannot wait. Unfortunately, before any of these exciting things I have to first do a 5 minute presentation at uni this afternoon. I'm not the best at getting up and talking in front of loads of people so I'm pretty nervous!

However no amount of nerves can stop me from tracking down an amazing dress...

This gorgeous powder-blue number is from River Island. I think it is the perfect Spring/Summer work to night out dress. It's midi length and tailored style means that it is appropriate for work. However I personally would wear this on a night out for dinner or drinks with black heels and volumised wavy hair. It really just is so cute with the bow detailing!

It is £45 and you can pick it up here!

Frances x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Obsession of the Day - New Look

Hi everyone,

This morning I have been looking at New Look's website and realising how many things I want!! I can't actually narrow it down for today's post so here are my picks of the site!

Light Brown (Brown) Chiffon Waistcoat Top | 243392821 | New Look

This waistcoat style blouse is the perfect nude colour and would look amazing with black skinny jeans and flats for a smart/casual look. It's £22.99 and you can buy it here

Biscuit (Stone ) High Waisted Tailored Shorts | 231648015 | New Look

These gorgeous tailored shorts are perfect for spring/summer. Smarten them up for a formal occassion with a white sheer shirt and nude heels or make them more day-friendly with sandals and a white t-shirt. They're £17.99 and you can get them here

Black (Black) Sporty Dipped Hem Mini Skirt | 246314701 | New Look

This seemingly casual skirt has an on-fashion edge with the dipped back making it the perfect day to night skirt. In the day I would pair this with a grey vest and sandals but come night would dress it up worn high waisted with a crop top and wedges. It's £16.99 and can be found here

Coral (Orange) Studded Cage Sandals | 245118183 | New Look

I like to brighten up my wardrobe in summer with a pair of coloured sandals. These coral ones are perfect as although they are colourful they will go with black, brown and white meaning that they will get a lot of wear. I think they will also look amazing with tanned (and nicely pedicured) feet! They are £22.99 and you can grab them here

Black (Black) Studded Slip-On Loafers | 246810801 | New Look

Remember those Topshop studded loafers that everyone and their mother wanted a few months back? Here's New Look's very similar (and definitely cheaper) version. I think they would look great with almost everything but especially a jeans, shirt and blazer. These are a reasonable £17.99 and can be bought here

Light Brown (Brown) Snaffle Slip-On Shoes | 243174021 | New Look

These are a gorgeous alternative in a biscuit brown colour with a snaffle detail. They would look perfect with jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses too! They are also £17.99 and you can get them here

Mink (Brown) Mink Cecile Stud Clutch Bag | 246036423 | New Look

This gorgeous clutch looks far more expensive than the £14.99 it costs. It is so versatile, it can be worn with or without the chain and would look great with any outfit for evening glamour. I'm in love! You can buy this here

Mint Green (Green) Pastel Snake Print Clutch Bag | 243122237 | New Look

For more of a pop of colour this mint green snake print clutch is perfect. I would wear this with a simple shirt and leggings look to give a hint of colour. It is £12.99 and you can buy it here

Mink (Brown) Snake Print Zip Panel Shopper | 245370923 | New Look

For your new everyday handbag look no further. This beige snakeskin print shopping bag is classic with hints of fashion like the double zip at the front. It would go with everything and for £17.99 it's a bargain. Buy it here

White (White) Pyramid Drop Earrings | 247776610 | New Look
These earrings look like a Topshop offering however they are only £4.99 and at the moment all jewellery and hair accessories are on a Buy one get one free offer! What more excuse do you need? You can buy these here

So there you have it! A massive bumper edition of my favourite things at New Look. What do you think? Which one's your favourite?

Have a great day and I will doubtless see you tomorrow!

Frances x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hello everyone,

I am living in fear that my classic and simple wardrobe of jeans, t-shirts and shirts is about to become more interesting. If what I'm loving today is anything to go by then my plain clothes have reason to be worried.

Melanie Monochrome Jersey Leggings

Look at these amazing monochrome leggings by my fashion go-to site! They are so cool. I am imagining these, of course, with a plain white t-shirt and black heels with a leather jacket or blazer slung over for a cool, but still chic, night out look. I love the fact that they are high-waisted as I find that this covers a multitude of sins. I would probably wear the t-shirt tucked in, but pulled out slightly so as to hide my flabby stomach! I need these leggings in my life... perhaps they will be the kick I need to lose some weight? They are incredibly affordable too at only £12. Well done Boohoo!

If you like this injection of monochrome you can find them here!

Hope you enjoyed, although I realise that some people may not like these at all! I'll be back tomorrow with another installment!

Frances x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hi everyone,
So today while everyone goes on their Valentine's dates I am miles away from my boyfriend and having pizza with my friends instead! I hope all of you are having lovely days whatever you are doing. I did pick up a pair of matte leather look leggings from Primark which I am thinking of wearing this weekend for my friend's 21st birthday night out. If I do brave them (or something equally nice) I will try and do my first outfit of the day (or more likely, night) post for you. So... now you've read my life story onto the random item I have been wanting today

Speckle Tee Dress

This fairly plain looking dress is from Topshop. It may not look much in the pictures but to me, this is a 'wear for anything' dress. Day time going to uni or shopping this could be paired with tights (or bare legs when temperatures reach above freezing) and loafers, a leather jacket and a lightweight scarf. Come night time this could be dressed up with a cool belt, heels and a silver choker necklace. The speckled grey colour is also gorgeous. And for Topshop the £29 price tag isn't bad either.

So as I had have a lovely Valentines evening, whether you're on a date or on the sofa!

Frances x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Product Rave - MUA Professional Trio Eyeshadows

Hi everyone,

This weekend I was out and about and went into what was a fairly small Superdrug in a town with not many high-street shops just to get some toiletries and I spotted an MUA Professional stand in the makeup section. I was excited as in both my hometown and where I go to uni only the original £1 MUA products are stocked. I looked for the Heaven and Earth Pallette which I have wanted for ages but unfortunately that wasn't there. However I have also been interested in the Trio Eyeshadows and so I picked up two...

Trio Eyeshadow

                                                                 Pink Sorbet

Trio Eyeshadow

Chocolate Box

I have to say I absolutely love these eyeshadows. 'Chocolate Box' contains three very wearable colours that could make both a day and an evening look so if you're travelling you could just take this. Pink Sorbet is lovely too especially with Valentine's Day for the pink, romantic look but would also be great to tie in with the Spring pastel trend. Each of these are a bargain at £2.50 and they do 7 different colour choices. I would definitely recommend... their quality far surpasses their price.

You can buy these at Superdrug, online at or here

Frances x

All the Colours Of The Rainbow

Hi everyone,

So I know I am a massive fan of the coloured jeans trend which has been around through autumn and winter and is staying for spring/summer. The colours for Spring differ to those for the colder months and are more pastel or bright in shade as opposed to the wine or teal colours of autumn. So here I have put together my picks for the best coloured jeans available on the high street (and online stores) ... I hope you enjoy!

ASOS High Waisted Skinny Jean in Lilac

 - £32

Buy them here

River Island - £30

Buy them here

Mint Green (Green) 32in Coloured Skinny Jeans | 239372437 | New Look

New Look - £16.99

Buy them here

Bethany Skinny Fit Denim Jeans

 - £20

Buy them here

MOTO Rose Supersoft Skinny Leigh Jean

Topshop - £38

Buy them here

I hope you like this. Which is your favourite? Will you be wearing the coloured jean trend this spring?

Frances x

Obsession of the Day

Hi everyone,

I'm back after a lovely weekend away and ready to tell you what I'm wanting this week. Today it is not an item of clothing (how unlike me!) but a makeup product that has got me lusting.

This beautiful highlighter looks high end to me. The embossing, the colour which seems like it would suit both cool and warm skintones are qualities of something pricey. But even better than the product itself is that it is available in Boots as part of the No 7 Limited Edition Spring range which focuses on brightening products.I've seen a few blogposts about this range and for me this is the pick of the bunch and at £13 whilst not being the cheapest highstreet makeup price it's also not going to break the bank!

You can get your hands on this beauty here

I am going to do another post later about some things I picked up at the weekend as well as a post on my picks for the best coloured jeans around for spring!

Frances x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Obsession of the Weekend

Hello everyone,
Today is going to be a bumper edition of things I want as I am going to stay with my boyfriend for the weekend for a romantic pre-Valentine's few days. I've never really been in to Valentine's Day but if it's an excuse to be pampered and have nice food then who am I to complain? I am slightly dubious of travelling in the icy weather but I'm just going to rock my Hunters and get on with it!

Also I would just like to thank those who have looked, commented and followed my page! It is really very exciting and I hope you like it!

With that being said here are the things I need in my life this weekend...

The first is Vivienne Westwood's new perfume and follow up to the popular 'Naughty Alice' called 'Cheeky Alice'. This perfume has won me over because I have always loved the smell of 'Naughty Alice' and I love the description of this one... peony, rose and lily. It sounds like the perfect spring scent! I also have to admit a love for the extremely cute packaging and bottle - it would look perfect on any dressing table! It is a reasonable price at £31.50 for 30ml and is comparable to lots of designer perfumes on the market already. Perhaps this could be a perfect Valentine's gift?

To pick this up from The Perfume Shop online click here

Bertys Cross Print Jumper

So on to clothes! Perhaps because I know that I am going to have to brave the cold today, or perhaps because it's so god damn cute I am in love with this cross print jumper! Although I think it would be perfect for cold days such as today with a vest top or shirt layered underneath I think it would also look great in spring with jeans, chinos or denim shorts. I love the print on this jumper as it is so on trend and would add a bit of fun to a classic wardrobe like mine! The price is also pretty good at £22.99. I am definitely sold

To pick yours up click here

coloured ultra skinny jeans.
Last but not least are these beautiful bright purple skinny jeans from Warehouse. I love a coloured jean and these are just the perfect spring/summer colour. I can imagine them with just a white t-shirt, rolled up legs and some loafers or a black chiffon top and some black heels for a night out. They also seem to be slightly high waisted which for me (and my less than perfect stomach) is a definite plus! They are £40 which is similar to the price of my favourite Topshop Leigh Jeans.
To get yours click here
So that's it for now. Whatever you're up to this weekend have a good one! I will see you all next week when hopefully the snow will have gone and spring will be on its way!
Frances x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hello again,

So the threat of snow is still very much present in the UK but that has not deterred my excitement for spring/summer. I long for the days when I can leave the house with a centimetre of skin uncovered without risking frost bite. For the moment these are merely pipe dreams but the heart wants what it wants and so today I am obsessing over...

Yep you got it, sandals. And these River Island stunners in particular. They are everything I could have dreamed about for a sandal. They are elegant but still with a hint of fashion with the animal print effect on the ankle cuff. They could be worn all summer long and through next summer too as they will not go out of style and I love the silver detailing. Also I love the beige/cream colour for accessories as it looks perfect with blacks and browns so you only really need one pair - great for holiday when you're trying to keep your suitcase under the ridiculous baggage weight limits! They are £40 but I think this is definitely worth it as they are a staple of any summer wardrobe and the amount they can be worn will completely justify the price!

If you like these you can order them online here

Frances x

Bit of a shopping trip...

Hi everyone,

So today I have been doing some spending that I cannot afford... oops. I have been seduced by some new high street foundations that I've seen advertised and wanted to give them a go. Did it stop there? Well... no....

First off I went to Boots and had a look at the Rimmel 'Wake me up Foundation' which claims to take away the fatigued look (which being a student I definitely need) and give a glow. Now although I have combination skin with a fairly oily T-zone I actually prefer a glowing look to my skin as opposed to matte for general everyday wear. I mainly snapped this up because it was on a special offer for £3 off meaning that I got it for £5.99. I got mine in the shade True Nude. I will of course update you with my thoughts on it at a later date.

You can pick one up, for the special offer price here

Whilst at the Rimmel stand I also noticed the Kate Moss collection of lipsticks which completely passed me by until recently. I picked up the nude colour which is No. 3. I love a pink toned nude so I picked this up for a pound off (£4.49)

This is a small close up of my lips with the lipstick on (as the rest of my face looks awful!). I really like it and think it rivals some of my MAC nudes (Plink, Hue, Viva Glam V) in terms of consistency, longevity and how flattering a colour it is.

Again, for the reduced price pick one up here

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Fawn

So after that needless spending I decided to carry on and headed over to Superdrug whom I knew had Maybelline's new 'Dream Nude Airfoam' foundation for £2 off. I have been intrigued since seeing all the adverts which are constantly popping up everywhere and have heard good reviews on what seem to be similar skintypes to mine so I thought it was worth a go. Like everyone says, you do need to only press the pump slightly as a load comes out at once. I haven't yet tried this on my face but the consistency seems nice on my hand; a fairly light coverage foundation but it looks like it could be buildable. As with Rimmel's offering I will keep you posted!

To get yours on the Introductory price click here

And finally on my beauty spending spree was a genuine repurchase of a necessity! This was L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeliner in Choc (or the brown one as it is known to me). I purchased this a few months ago after having a mini breakdown when I realised that Boots had stopped stocking Prestige products. Up until this point Prestige was the only brand whose kohl eyeliner I trusted to stay on my waterline with no smudge or panda-like effects. I searched around and actually one of the shop assistants recommended me the L'Oreal one as being budge-proof. I have to say I totally agree. It creates a lovely smokey effect (which I find easier to achieve with a brown rather than black) and really does not smudge all day. I love it. It has actually meant that I have stopped wearing winged black liquid liner on my lid every day in preference of a softer look where I line my tight line and water line and then just use mascara. I cannot recommend this enough!

To buy yours click here
L'Oreal Paris Eyeliner Infallible Choc AD 300

So have you tried any of these products? If so what did you think? What beauty products have got you spending your money this week?

Frances x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Product Rave - VO5 Miracle Concentrate

Hello again,

So I thought that it was probably a good idea if as well as blogging about items which I want to own, I also featured items which I do already own and love (or not as the case may be). With that said I want to talk about VO5 Miracle Concentrate.

Conditioning Treatments

This is a product which has been around a good while and has been popular within the beauty blogging world; in fact it was the reason I picked it up. I have never really thought of my hair as dry - it gets greasy irritatingly quickly if anything - but I had noticed that, having naughtily gone without a haircut for a few months too many the ends of my hair were looking and feeling lank and a bit in need of a treat. I stumbled across the Miracle Concentrate in Superdrug just before Christmas and thought that for under a fiver it was a reasonable way to enter into the Argan oil maze which seems to have developed in the past year or so.

I tried it the next morning on damp hair through my mid sections to ends and I immediately noticed a difference in the ease of styling my hair. The end result was that it looked nicer and less weighed down and it felt amazing - I kept getting people to touch it!

Since that day just before Christmas I haven't looked back. This product has been applied to my hair every single day and I don't think I could live without it. I am addicted to how soft my hair feels. I will definitely be repurchasing this as soon as mine gets near to running out although because of how little you need to use (I use around half a pippet every time) it really does last you ages. I've been using mine for nearly 2 months and it's not close to being half gone yet.

I absolutely recommend this to anyone who has not yet tried it... it's cheap, easily accessible at Boots, Superdrug and even supermarkets and it really does work and give your hair that added boost it needs especially after the damage of the winter months.

Frances x

(Picture taken from

Obsession of the Day

Hello again,

God sometimes I wish I had a limitless supply of money! Don't get me wrong I love Primark but sometimes a girl wants to splurge a bit. Today is one of those days and especially because whilst scouring I came across this stunner...

Ted Baker Contrast Playsuit With High Neck

This beautiful playsuit is by Ted Baker and is part of their concession on, although I am sure it can be found on their website and in their shops too. Asos does however give the added bonus of the Saver delivery (free thank you very much). What is not to love about this? Number one I will always have a penchant for playsuits, I love the whole idea and the effortlessness of them. This particular one seems incredibly versatile; it's high neck and tailored black shorts could be work appropriate (depending on where you work) and are definitely night out worthy. I think that these classic shapes would also see you through seasons and seasons. I also love the chiffon arms which give the tailored look a feminine edge but still offer cover if your arms aren't as toned as you might like. I think this is such a winner item and I would be putting it in my basket straight away if it wasn't for the £149 price tag. Don't get me wrong I would definitely pay that if I had the budget for it but unfortunately not at the moment! Guess I will be searching ebay for a reduced price in the weeks to come!

If you are lucky enough to have the funds you can buy this gorgeous piece here!

Frances x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hello again,

So I nearly didn't think I would have anything to post about today but, in the last hour before it is up I have come across something which I NEED in my life.

This is a stunning asymmetrical maxi dress which I discovered some weeks ago courtesy of However every time I have looked this particular beautiful colour (which they describe as aubergine - and who am I to argue?) has been out of stock on the website. Today it is back! It is so gorgeous and would look amazing in the summer worn in a similar fashion to the model in the photo. Is it worth the £48 price tag and going without food for a week or two? I think it just might be!

If you are also lusting after this dress you can pick yours up here! Just leave one for me!

Frances x

Monday, 6 February 2012

One Day - A Must Read Book and A Must See Film

Hello again,

There are three books in the world which I would class as absolute favourites of mine. Ashamedly as I am studying English Literature, none of these are classics, but are books which I feel are beautiful and enjoyable to read. They are (in no particular order as choosing them is akin to choosing a favourite child) 'Water For Elephants' by Sara Gruen, 'The Time Traveller's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger and 'One Day' by David Nicholls.

All three of these have been adapted into successful films. I have to say I was bitterly disappointed by the cinematic offering of 'The Time Traveller's Wife' to the point where anyone I know who has seen the film but not read the book, I urge them to do so immediately as the book is 1000 times better.

But with the other two I felt the film versions were pretty amazing. With 'Water For Elephants' this came as no shock. It involved watching Robert Pattinson for 2 hours with no mention of vampires or werewolves - in my eyes it couldn't go wrong. One Day however I was slightly apprehensive about. I had loved the book so much, felt a personal connection to the characters and it had become part of my world to the point where I couldn't imagine someone else deciding what characters should look like and sound like. I felt even more cynical when I learnt that the role of Emma would be played not by an English actress with a Yorkshire accent but by Hollywood star Anne Hathaway. Don't get me wrong I love Anne Hathaway but I was sceptical as to whether she could be convincingly northern.

I have to say though that within 10 minutes of the film starting all of these misgivings disappeared. I was engrossed and felt that, although changes were obviously made, the film had a true sense of what I loved so much about the book; its Britishness, its ability to be heartwarmingly romantic without ever feeling overdone or cheesy. I particularly thought that Jim Sturgess made an absolutely perfect Dexter.

I know that I am by no means the only person to have read and cherished this book. If you have not yet had the pleasure I would strongly recommend picking it up. I doubt you will regret it. And if you are, like me, slightly afraid of film adaptations spoiling a well loved read I would recommend you try this one. I think it really does do justice to the novel in a way I did not expect.

You can buy One Day on DVD here and the book here

Frances x

Obsession Of The Day

Hello again,

At the moment in England it seems decidedly wintery outside with snow and ice all around and temperatures well below freezing however I am feeling positive and am looking forward to the warmer spring months. I am fed up of buying cosy jumpers and thick tights and am thinking ahead to my holiday wardrobe.

This offering is from, a regular haunt of mine for gorgeous dresses which won't break the bank. I have to confess a deep love for the polka-dot. I think that it is a quirky yet timeless print which is always in fashion in some way without ever looking try-hard. I love everything about this dress; the beige colour (although you can also buy it in navy), the salmon pink polka dots, the cute capped sleeves and the cream belt which cinches it in. This would be great in spring with a cardigan thrown over and some sheer tights and chelsea boots to harden the look slightly but would equally look great for a summer night with tan wedges, bare legs and tousled wavy hair. I am 100% sold. Especially for such a bargain price of £20!

To get your hands on this dress click here

Frances x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hello again,

I didn't mention in the previous post that I am in fact a university student studying English Literature. Whilst I very much enjoy the university experience it unfortunately has resulted in a lack of funds for shopping. I therefore find much of my time spent browsing online stores, yearning for that one item of clothing or beauty product that will 'make' my wardrobe complete. At least for a day or two. I have decided to document these sought after items in a regular post I will call 'Obsession of the Day'. Of course I may not post these absolutely everyday but I would say that based on my dedicated commitment to trawling the internet I would expect to see these on a regular basis! With that being said...

Mid Grey (Grey) High Waisted Tailored Trousers | 246092207 | New Look

These New Look trousers are amazing! I am in love with the tailored look. I also love a good neutral piece as I feel they are so much more versatile to wear - this dove grey is particularly lovely as it will go beautifully with the pastel colours which are sure to make an appearance in spring/summer. I am also a complete convert to high waisted anything. I do not own anything low rise any more as high waisted is so much more flattering on my (and most women with curves) figure. I would personally wear these beauties with a sheer white shirt and heels for a classy meal and drinks look or with a plain white t-shirt and loafers for a day shopping or going to uni. I also think they would look perfect (as do most things in my opinion) paired with a leather jacket to combat the chilly weather. I am absolutely in love. For those of you who are not a student these would be so perfect for work with a shirt, blazer and heels or pumps. I literally cannot fault them. What makes them even better is their amazing price tag of £14.99. New Look really have astounded me recently with some great clothes for such reasonable prices. I will definitely be flexing my student loan to get these as they seem like they will be a piece which I could get so much wear out of for so many different occassions!

If like me you are convinced, you can buy them here

Frances x

Introducing... Me!

Hello everyone,

I think I should start by saying that my name's Frances and I am addicted to shopping. This obsession consumes a large (and probably unhealthy) amount of my time and so I felt that I would use this to my advantage and start a blog centred around shopping. I love fashion and have a soft spot for beauty too so expect that they will be the main focus of this blog. I understand that sounds awfully shallow and materialistic but I know that I love to muse over a good old fashion blogpost and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

I hope that this blog will be enjoyable to any of you who happen upon it. Please feel free to leave any feedback (providing it's not too nasty)!

For now then... let the fashion commence!

Frances x