Friday, 16 March 2012

Obsession Of The Day: Asos Marketplace

Hi everyone,

So recently I've been absolutely in love with looking at Asos Marketplace which is's place where small boutiques, vintage stores and individuals can sell their clothes and accessories! I love the high street but sometimes you see things on the marketplace which are a bit more individual and you can pick up vintage clothing for a really reasonable price. If you haven't already go and check it out here. I thought I would show just a few things that have been catching my eye from different sellers!

Dandelion Dress by Preppy Long Stockings - £24 

Vintage Wild Cat Playsuit Size 12 from Bang Bang Boutique  - £30

Silver Cross and Spike Drop Earrings by Black Tied - £10

I hope that has given you a small taster of what Asos Marketplace is all about. I will try and do a weekly post where I include my favourite piece of the week... perhaps I'll even buy some!

Have brilliant Fridays and I will be back over the weekend!

Frances x


  1. i love those earrings!
    Great blog, return the follow if you like :)

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I have followed back love your blog too! x