Friday, 23 March 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hello everyone,

Today I am obsessed with something I can afford even less than the other things I post about. I have for years loved Ted Baker as a brand. I wish that I had the money to walk in there, pick something up and run to the till. I unfortunately do not. But this beautiful top makes me want to cry with how much I need it in my life...

PELLEY - Ditsy animal print top

This top already fulfills many of my criteria... its muted pinky/purple hues and its peter pan collar, but the best thing about this top is its ridiculously cute pig print. This picture does not do it justice but please go and look here! The only problem is... it's £89 price tag!!! I am just hoping and wishing that the pig print catches on in one of the less expensive high street stores!

Have a great weekend everyone! The sun is out and I've finished uni for Easter so hopefully it should be a good one back at home!

What do you think of the animal print trend at the moment? Let me know!

Frances x

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