Thursday, 9 February 2012

Obsession of the Day

Hello again,

So the threat of snow is still very much present in the UK but that has not deterred my excitement for spring/summer. I long for the days when I can leave the house with a centimetre of skin uncovered without risking frost bite. For the moment these are merely pipe dreams but the heart wants what it wants and so today I am obsessing over...

Yep you got it, sandals. And these River Island stunners in particular. They are everything I could have dreamed about for a sandal. They are elegant but still with a hint of fashion with the animal print effect on the ankle cuff. They could be worn all summer long and through next summer too as they will not go out of style and I love the silver detailing. Also I love the beige/cream colour for accessories as it looks perfect with blacks and browns so you only really need one pair - great for holiday when you're trying to keep your suitcase under the ridiculous baggage weight limits! They are £40 but I think this is definitely worth it as they are a staple of any summer wardrobe and the amount they can be worn will completely justify the price!

If you like these you can order them online here

Frances x


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous x

    1. They really are! Think I'm going to have to treat myself! x